F1 – 2013 Korean GP Practice – Williams F1 Team


Friday 04 October, 2013

Objectives: Set-up work, tyre runs and aero evaluations.

Xevi Pujolar, Chief Race Engineer: We had several tests across the two cars this morning including some small aero changes. Pastor ran a completely new front wing in FP1 which worked as expected and he therefore kept this through into FP2. Several mechanical set-up tests were also completed, with long runs for both drivers in FP2 to gather tyre information. Both drivers were happy with the car and tyres this morning but we didn’t have the same pace this afternoon. We need to go through the data now to make sure we have the best configuration to improve both our qualifying and race pace this weekend.

Pastor Maldonado: Our performance wasn’t up to the level we hoped for today, but hopefully we can analyse the data tonight and improve for tomorrow. We seem to have made a step forward with the new front wing but we need to work on the car as a whole to look at all areas. As always we will do our best and try to get the maximum out of the car.

Valtteri Bottas: We did quite a few tests with the car today, both mechanical and aerodynamic. We still have quite a bit of work to do with the car balance as we are struggling with the front end, particularly in the mid-corner. We need to work on that, but the positive thing is that we seem to have made a step forward with the new front wing we tested on Pastor’s car, so I look forward to trying that myself.

Track Korea International   Circuit, Yeongam, Korea
Circuit length 5.615 kms / 3.489   miles
  FP1 FP2
Weather Warm and dry Warm and dry
Air and Track   Temperatures 21 – 23C  / 29   – 35C 23 – 24C  / 34   – 36C
P Maldonado, FW35-03   RS27-5466/2 1:41.482 (13th) 22   laps 1:41.117 (17th) 35   laps
V Bottas, FW35-01   RS27-5458/2 1:42.002 (16th) 20   laps 1:41.289 (18th) 34   laps
Quickest Time L Hamilton 1:39.630 L Hamilton 1:38.673

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