F1 News: 2014 Spanish GP Race – Ferrari

Ferrari LogoSpanish Grand Prix

Montmelò, 11th May 2014

Fernando Alonso: “Of course I’d have liked to have done better here in my home race, but I knew right from
the start that it would be difficult. Our pace was too slow compared to the leaders and on top of that, not
making up any places at the start didn’t help. The gap to the best is nothing new and today’s result confirms the

fact our rivals are strong on both the performance and the reliability fronts, but until it is mathematically
impossible to catch them we will continue to believe and do all we can to catch up. The decision to go for a
three stop strategy was taken in an attempt to cover Vettel, but unfortunately I lost the place at the pit stop and
I only managed to make up one on Kimi, who was impossible to pass when we were on the same tyres. In the
two weeks to go to the Monaco Grand Prix, we will continue to work day and night: we definitely can’t expect to
have a new car, because you can’t achieve a revolution in such a short space of time, but we will do our very best
to improve in all areas.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “That was a complicated race for me, with the main problem being a lack of grip and in
general, it was very difficult to find the right balance on the car. Going for a two stop strategy proved to be the
wrong choice because tyre degradation meant I couldn’t push all the way to the end. Overall here, we went
better than in the last race, maybe because the characteristics of this track are very different to those we have
raced on so far, but we cannot be happy with sixth and seventh places, because we are a long way off where we
want to be. It will take time, but we will do our utmost, because we know where we must keep pushing if we
want to improve.”

Pat Fry: “This weekend, which was difficult for the team and the drivers ended with a less than spectacular race
in which we unfortunately lacked the pace to make up places from our grid positions. Considering how difficult
it is to overtake at this track, the start could have made the difference, but the positions remained more or less
the same throughout the order. If fuel consumption wasn’t much of a problem, tyre degradation affected the
race from start to finish. Apart from the two Mercedes, the lap times of the various teams were very similar,
which meant the chances of being able to carry out or be subjected to an undercut, along with managing the
traffic, took priority over the strategy choices. The gap to the leaders is certainly not a surprise and will not
discourage us as we tackle the work we must do to improve our car. Now we will try and make the most of the
two test days this coming week here in Montmelò to move forward on the development of the F14 T. The aim is
to give our drivers a more competitive package.”

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