F1 News: 2014 Belgian GP Race – Mclaren


“Formula 1 delivered a magnificent afternoon’s entertainment here in Belgium today”


Spa-Francorchamps, Sunday August 24

Both McLarens featured prominently in an action-packed race on the world’s most challenging racetrack.

Started 10th
Finished 6th
Fastest lap 1m53.483s on lap 38 (+2.972s, 8th)
Pitstops Two: laps 13 (2.80s) and 29 (2.39s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]

“We played the long game today – most people were making their pit-stops early – and I felt I kept the tyres in good condition.
“I also had a lot of fun out there, especially racing Kevin [Magnussen], Sebastian [Vettel] and Fernando [Alonso] at the end.
“In the final laps Kevin and I didn’t touch, although I had to back off a bit at Turn Eight, when Fernando ran off as he and Kevin were dicing. I lost a place to Fernando there, which was a bit of a shame, and in turn a place to Sebastian after that, but as I say I really enjoyed it out there.
“It’s such a fantastic circuit; driving here always feels so good.”

Started 7th
Finished 12th (after receiving a 20-second penalty, having finished 6th on the road)
Fastest lap 1m54.203s on lap 28 (+3.692s, 15th)
Pitstops Two: laps 11 (3.21s) and 23 (2.50s) [Opt-Opt-Pri]

“Despite being penalised after the race, I have to say I enjoyed the weekend. I had great fun out there this afternoon – I was involved in exciting racing on an awesome circuit.
“It was a tough challenge, because everyone around me had slightly fresher tyres than I did, and they’re all great drivers: they’re not the easiest guys to keep behind. So I just tried my best to defend my position as well as I could.
“Changing the subject, I want to say how brilliant it was to see so many Danish fans in the crowd. The support I’ve had this weekend has been incredible – I’ve never experienced anything like it, to be honest.
“Last but not least, it was good that Jenson got past Fernando at the end, to score some useful points for the team.”

Racing director, McLaren Mercedes
“Before I say anything else, I want to pay public tribute to Formula 1, which delivered a magnificent afternoon’s entertainment here in Belgium today.
“On the most daunting racetrack on the Formula 1 calendar, there was cut and thrust all through the field, and the resulting spectacle must have made for fantastic television.
“Throughout, Jenson and Kevin were in the thick of it, and it was great to see them racing the Red Bulls and the Ferraris fast and hard. They both drove extremely well, exhibiting redoubtable derring-do, and, although they raced wheel to wheel with each other, they never touched.
“From here we go to Monza, another classic low-downforce circuit, where we’ll be hoping to capitalise on our steady ongoing performance development and score a useful number of World Championship points.”

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