F1 News: 2014 Italian GP Practice – Ferrari

Ferrari LogoItalian Grand Prix

Monza, 5th September 2014

Fernando Alonso: “For various reasons, Friday in Monza is always a bit different to the others, with a special
significance for our team in the weekend of its home race. The track characteristics also make it one of a kind:
here you run with low aerodynamic downforce, you feel the car is quicker down the straights and lighter in the
corners and, as was the case today, you need to try different downforce levels. In general, I’m happy with the
work we did on set-up and tyres and especially with the time I did with a heavy fuel load. Towards the end, we
were worried we had a problem, but to banish any doubt, we went out for another lap and everything seemed
back to normal. Now, we are preparing for tomorrow and we hope to do well for all the fans who were already
here today cheering us on from the stands.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “That was a very busy day, but a positive one. We made the most of every minute available to
us in both sessions, managing to try everything we had on our programme. In the morning, we concentrated on
assessing different aero configurations, in search of the best level of downforce. Then in the afternoon, we
opted for an intermediate solution that seemed to produce the best results on both compounds. The difference
between the Medium and the Hard is more or less what we expected; the softer one behaves well, but in terms
of driveability, I found the Hard wasn’t bad either.”

Pat Fry: “Monza is a special circuit with unique characteristics. The long straights and the small number of
corners mean that on Friday one has to work on finding the best aerodynamic configuration. Even if in general,
the cars have less downforce, this year it’s more complicated than usual to find the right set-up and decide what
is the right level of downforce for the fast corners such as Ascari or the Parabolica. Therefore, in the morning
and the afternoon, we worked to improve the cars’ stability and now we will try and optimise our package based
on the data gathered from both drivers. Fortunately, we encountered no problems today and it was important
to get through the programme, including evaluating tyre performance, as the ability to generate grip from the
tyres is even more important when the cars are running in low downforce configuration. Overall, we are pleased
with today’s work, but we know we still face a particularly demanding weekend.”

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