F1 News: 2014 Italian GP Practice – Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Logo5 September 2014

First Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 1:27.271, Laps: 27
Second Practice Session: Position: 7, Best Time: 1:26.762, Laps: 27
“It was quite slippery out on track; this year’s cars are down on grip and we have minimum down force in Monza. It was a good day for us, we didn’t have any problems and were able to do a lot of laps and test some things. It’s important to get Friday right in order to be able to build on that for the rest of the weekend. The tyres mean it should be a one stop race on Sunday, but we will see. I think some struggled to get them to work; there’s not so much different between the medium and hard tyres here. I think tomorrow should be better, as it should be warmer and the track will start rubbering in a bit. I felt a bit more in charge of the car today.”

First Practice Session: Position: 16, Best Time: 1:28.487, Laps: 12
Second Practice Session: Position: 10, Best Time: 1:26.992, Laps: 37
“We didn’t get much running this morning due to an engine issue, but it was okay and we recovered well in the afternoon. The track’s always fun here, for a track with so few corners it’s very challenging and with the low downforce braking it’s very difficult. Obviously we want to be a bit further up, but I think we can chip away at it tomorrow, the Mercedes will be quick, but if we can sneak into the top 5 in qualifying then we’ll have a good crack at the race. Getting temperature into the tyres is tricky, especially for the first timed lap.”
Christian Horner: 10 Things I’ve learned in 10 YearsContinuing our theme of celebrating our 10th season in F1, this race we thought we’d find out just what a decade of Formula One racing teaches you. To do that we asked Team Principal Christian Horner to tell us what lessons learned in the paddock he’d teach his younger self… 1. F1 Politics: What people say and what they do are very different things. Circumstances can change very quickly, even within a meeting!2. Handling drivers: Different people require different treatment, but they are the same as everyone else. Treat them like you would your other colleagues3. The Team: It’s all about empowerment. Trust people to do the job you’ve employed them to do.4. The Media: Teams have to be open and honest; people will see through things at the end of the day.5. Rivalry: It’s important in this job but overall it’s not the biggest thing in life. As you get more perspective in life you can compartmentalise it.6. Competition: It keeps you on your toes, so you cannot afford to be complacent.7. Control: There’s no point obsessing over things you cannot change. Focus on the things where you can make a difference and tackle those.8. Sport: Never become complacent. Enjoy the moments of success but don’t imagine that they will go on forever. You’ve got to acknowledge and celebrate the highs because in sport there are inevitably spells where you’re not so successful.9. Dealing with setbacks: They happen to everyone. You have to believe they’re temporary and that you will bounce back.10. Life Lesson: Live for the now and be in the moment. As before: celebrate the successes and enjoy it.

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