GP3 News: Ghiotto quickest on final day in Yas Marina

GP3 LogoLuca Ghiotto and Antonio Fuoco set the pace on third day of post-season testing

Trident’s Luca Ghiotto posted the fastest time on the third and final day of post-season testing at the Yas Marina circuit with a 1:55.134. Ferrari Academy driver Antonio Fuoco led the way in the morning session.

The test got underway in hazy and humid conditions. Riccardo Agostini returned to the paddock with his team Hilmer Motorsport and was first to lap in the 1m56’s. Ralph Boschung for Jenzer Motorsport lapped quicker to take the top spot before Mitch Gilbert (ART Grand Prix) dipped into the 1m55’s to go P1.

Agostini stopped on track early on which caused a brief halt to proceedings and when the action resumed, Boschung returned to the top of the standing. At the midway point of the session Fuoco put in a flier to end the session heading the timesheet with Spaniard Alex Palou a few tenths off in P2. There was a second red flag when Kourosh Khani stopped at turn 13 in the Hilmer Motorsport car.

At the chequered flag the session belonged to Fuoco. Palou, Boschung, Matt Parry, Gilbert, Alfonso Celis. Jr, Jimmy Eriksson, Seb Morris, Luca Ghiotto, Edward Jones and Jack Aitken completed the top ten.

After GP2 had run their first session of the day, GP3 returned to the track for their final track time of 2014. Fuoco again was an early pace-setter; before Matheo Tuscher led the way, but it was Fuoco who was first to dip into the 1m55’s in the afternoon. Eriksson and Jones also shot to P1 as the clock ticked down, with the merest of gaps separating their laptimes: 0.001s – with the Carlin driver having the edge.

Ghiotto lit up the timing screen to head to the top of the timings with Fuoco a tenth off and Tuscher two tenths off respectively. The chequered flag was waved marking the end of the test. Ghiotto led Fuoco, Tuscher, Jones, Eriksson and Boschung. Aitken, Palou and Gilbert rounded out the top ten.

The test session has brought the curtain down on the 2014 GP3 Series Season, dates for pre-season testing and the calendar will be unveiled in due course.

Yas Marina – Day 3 – Morning

Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Antonio Fuoco ART Grand Prix 1:55.327 26
2. Alex Palou Trident 1:55.590 36
3. Ralph Boschung Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.596 31
4. Matt Parry Koiranen GP 1:55.635 26
5. Mitch Gilbert ART Grand Prix 1:55.675 34
6. Alfonso Celis. Jr ART Grand Prix 1:55.763 33
7. Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:55.776 27
8. Seb Morris Status Grand Prix 1:55.812 22
9. Luca Ghiotto Trident 1:55.838 27
10. Edward Jones Carlin 1:56.012 25
11. Jack Aitken Carlin 1:56.053 29
12. Ryan Cullen Koiranen GP 1:56.354 22
13. Matheo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.362 23
14. Riccardo Agostini Hilmer Motorsport 1:56.417 32
15. Artur Janosz Arden International 1:56.471 28
16. Steijn Schothorst Status Grand Prix 1:56.550 25
17. Gustavo Menezes Status Grand Prix 1:56.632 23
18. Matt Rao Carlin 1:56.909 36
19. Andrea Pizzitola Arden International 1:56.914 23
20. Armaury Bonduel Trident 1:57.032 29
21. Ling Kang Jenzer Motorsport 1:57.124 38
22. Raoul Hyman Arden International 1:57.664 25
23. Kourosh Khani Hilmer Motorsport 2:00.219 33

Day Three – Afternoon

Driver Team Laptime Laps
1. Luca Ghiotto Trident 1:55.134 34
2. Antonio Fuoco ART Grand Prix 1:55.298 30
3. Matheo Tuscher Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.369 34
4. Edward Jones Carlin 1:55.377 27
5. Jimmy Eriksson Koiranen GP 1:55.378 26
6. Ralph Boschung Jenzer Motorsport 1:55.392 30
7. Jack Aitken Carlin 1:55.435 28
8. Alex Palou Trident 1:55.446 38
9. Mitch Gilbert ART Grand Prix 1:55.452 32
10. Matt Parry Koiranen GP 1:55.644 32
11. Gustavo Menezes Status Grand Prix 1:55.709 27
12. Andrea Pizzitola Arden International 1:55.764 35
13. Steijn Schothorst Status Grand Prix 1:55.888 29
14. Alfonso Celis. Jr ART Grand Prix 1:55.981 25
15. Artur Janosz Arden International 1:56.060 30
16. Riccardo Agostini Hilmer Motorsport 1:56.151 28
17. Ling Kang Jenzer Motorsport 1:56.256 17
18. Amaury Bonduel Trident 1:56.298 36
19. Matt Rao Carlin 1:56.377 25
20. Kourosh Khani Hilmer Motorsport 1:58.454 31
• Seb Morris #26 was excluded from the results after his Status Grand Prix car was found to be underweight
• Raoul Hyman #6 also excluded from the results after his Arden International car was found to be underweight

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