F1 News: Barcelona T2 Day 3 – Ferrari

Ferrari LogoTesting at the Montmelò circuit
28 February 2015

Circuit: Montmelò circuit – 4.655 km
Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
Car: Ferrari SF15-T
Weather: Air temperature 10/17°C, track temperature 10/30°C. Sunny.
Laps/Km completed: 136/633
Fastest time: 1:23.276
Tyres used: Soft, Medium.
Programme: aerodynamic test, set up and race simulation.

Kimi Raikkonen: “Overall it hasn’t been a bad test since we covered a race distance today. Now we wait to go to Melbourne to see how we stand compared to the others. I wish to thank the Team for the work it has done during the winter”.

James Allison: “We’ve got a lot of laps under our belt in this winter testing; but until you actually go out and do the laps for a race, one after the other, and not stopping except to change tyres, you really can’t claim that you’re ready to go to Melbourne and do it for real. So we’re happy to get our first race distance of the winter done, happy to have achieved at the first attempt, and with the reliability that we showed.

So I’m pleased with the testing we did over the last two days, which shows clearly that the car works as we expected.

Winter testing in Europe always asks slightly different questions from the car than you get when you’re in Bahrain: but it doesn’t turn night into day. Most of what the car really is is revealed here as much as on the other Grand Prix circuits during the year. And I think what we see is a well-mannered car, so we expect these characteristics to be broadly carried over to the other races”.

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