F1 News: Barcelona T2 Day 4 – Ferrari

Ferrari LogoTesting at the Montmelò circuit
01 March 2015

Circuit: Montmelò circuit – 4.655 km
Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: Ferrari SF15-T
Weather: Air temperature 10/22°C, track temperature 12/31°C. Sunny.

Laps/Km completed: 129/600
Fastest time: 1:23.469
Tyres used: Medium, Proto Medium, Hard.
Programme: aerodynamic test, set up and race simulation.

Sebastian Vettel: “The positive thing is that, once again, we have done a lot of kilometres and gathered useful information. The fact that our race simulation went more or less as planned is encouraging from a reliability point of view, although this is an aspect where we can still improve. From a performance point of view, it’s clear that Mercedes is still ahead by quite a way, but right behind there is us, Williams and Red Bull, all very close. We will know more in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile we must move forward one step at a time, looking above all at what we are doing ourselves”.

James Allison: “The day did not run as smooth as yesterday but, in spite of this, we managed to score plenty of laps on our board, successfully completing a race distance, so that now we have two of them under our belt prior to Melbourne. We leave the winter testing pretty happy with the way the car is performing, the way the test has been done and the way the team is operating”.

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