Malaysian GP Preview

Malaysia 1Thursday in Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian Grand Prix in prospect. It’s back to work for a few of us; those of us who have stayed out since the Australian Grand Prix have got to sharpen up again. We’re perhaps suffering from what yachties call ‘harbour rot’, when you’ve been in port for too long and are too used to an inactive life. Read more of this post

Australian GP Review

Lewis Hamilton AusGP. Merecedes AMG PetronasIt’s the morning after the Australian Grand Prix, the sun is out and another warm day in prospect and time to reflect on what we saw yesterday. My feeling is that ‘the race’ was not what we were expecting, and yet you could say that the first five is just the classification that we should have expected. After the thousands of kilometres of testing and pit stop practice, reliability was extraordinarily poor; we’ve come to expect much better as we have from pit crews. The whole weekend was a little surreal and eleven finishers was the lowest anywhere since Lewis Hamilton led the Read more of this post

Australia Preview

Melbourne 2014 / Red Bull Racing

First of all, a big welcome to my new blog. As you can read in my profile, I’ve been to a few Grands Prix over the years and with other members of my family (wife, sons and nephew) I have taken an interest in all forms of motor sport for many many years.

So, like them, I’m very much looking forward to the start of a new motor sport and Formula One season and from what I hear, there are lots of others who feel the same. I’m constantly asked about how things are shaping up: testing, who’s going to be good, who isn’t, how’s Lewis going to do, will it be easier or more difficult for Mercedes?
There are a lot of questions but then that shows the following that motor sport and Formula One in particular still Read more of this post

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