Formula 1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart falls ill on flight

Former Formula 1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart has been taken to hospital after falling ill on a London-bound flight from Geneva.

The 71-year-old was given first aid by air stewardesses after complaining of chest pains.

Paramedics met Stewart at London Heathrow airport and are thought to have taken him to Hillingdon hospital.

“He did pass out and as a precaution he was taken to hospital to be looked at,” his eldest son Paul told BBC Sport.

“I’ve just spoken to him in hospital. He seemed absolutely fine but obviously something happened and we need to establish what, but I’m on my way to see him right now.

“I should think he’ll just be checked over and hopefully it will be nothing more sinister than that.”

Stewart won 27 Grands Prix and three F1 world titles during his career.

More to follow.


F1 – Jackie Stewart becomes a partner in Genii Business Exchange

Genii Business Exchange is delighted to announce the arrival of Sir Jackie Stewart, triple F1 world champion, as a partner for the years to come. Sir Jackie’s mission will be to reinforce the existing commercial, technological and industrial links between the world of racing and the motor car industry, as well as Genii’s core sectors including new technologies, infotainment and cleantech related industries. This is a bridge that Genii Capital is particularly keen on building with companies involved in the design of new-generation on-board telecommunications systems, lightweight braking systems and more generally advanced technologies that have a positive environmental impact. Read more of this post