F1 – 2013 Indian GP Preview – Williams F1 Team

Williams_F1T_H_CMYKINDIAN gp preview

When: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October, 2013
Where: New Delhi, India
Round: 16 of 19 Read more of this post

F1 – 2013 Belgian GP Preview – Williams F1 Team

bWilliams_F1T_H_CMYKelgian gp preview

When: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th August, 2013
Where: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
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F1 – Williams F1 Team – Malaysian Grand Prix Review

Mark Gillan, Chief Operations Engineer, Williams F1 Team

27 MARCH 2012

Williams F1 scored its first points of 2012 in the Malaysian Grand Prix. The wet-dry race required the team to think on its feet and react to the track conditions, which it managed well. Chief Operations Engineer Mark Gillan talks us through an encouraging race weekend for the team. Read more of this post

F1 – Testing Day 3, Williams

LAT Photographic

Sam Michael, Technical Director:
The main target for today was to get the KERS running and for Pastor to familiarise himself with the FW33. He did a good job learning all the control systems. There is a lot for a driver to think about in the cockpit now with the KERS, the rear wing, the brakes as well as keeping the tyres up to temperature. We did more set-up changes today to keep learning about the car and some longer runs for stabilised temperature checks. We ran 100 laps trouble-free so are quite happy with that. Overall it has been a good shakedown test for us. Read more of this post

F1 – Q and A with Pastor Maldonado

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Q and A with Pastor Maldonado

Q: You had your first official outing for AT&T Williams yesterday, how did it feel?
PM: Driving the FW33 and getting a feel for the new car was great! My run wasn’t that long, but we are concentrating on learning the car to begin with and I was preparing myself for today’s programme. Read more of this post

F1 – Testing Day 2, Williams F1

Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

 Sam Michael, Technical Director: We had a problem in the morning session with an ignition coil wiring loom shorting out against a testing sensor which cost us two hours with Rubens. We therefore extended his programme slightly to do some set-up work in the morning and gain more understanding of the FW33. Pastor then took over in the afternoon and acclimatised himself to the car and the electronics, he didn’t do any real set-up work as we will get into that tomorrow. Overall it was another good day in terms of mileage. Read more of this post

F1 – Q and A with Sam Michael, Williams Technical Director

Q: What areas of the new car did the team focus on yesterday in Valencia?
SM: We did a couple of really basic mechanical tests and some aero mapping scans to make sure the car is doing what it is meant to do. Everything is working as it should and all the loads have measured correctly. Read more of this post

F1 – Q and A with Rubens Barrichello

Q: How did your first day in the FW33 go?
RB: We learnt a lot. It is a very different car to the FW32 and needs a different set-up and understanding. The balance of the car was difficult, but it’s always hard to get a car to feel good on that amount of fuel. I will just have to work on it and see what we get back. Unfortunately, we lost a bit of time yesterday due to a problem with the KERS, but we kept going out to build up mileage. It was all positive; the only drawback from the day is that the number of buttons on the steering wheel can distract you from the driving.

Q: Do you think having more buttons on the steering wheel will make racing more dangerous, particularly at circuits like Singapore?
RB: I don’t think it’s a danger, but I think it’s a concern. In terms of execution, the additional controls are obviously necessary, but people have different steering wheels, so drivers may therefore be able to reach some buttons easier than others. The problem is you are taking your eye off the road. There is not a single straight where I don’t press a button and change gear. In my role in the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) we will keep talking about this, but I think the FIA will let us practice a little more. I think the strong comments will come now but will lessen as people get used to things.

Q: How did the new Pirelli tyres feel?
RB: I ran the medium tyre for most of yesterday. They seem quite hard which is causing us to slide around a bit too much, but the soft compound seems to be fine.

Q: Current GP2 Champion Pastor Maldonado joins the team this season, how does it feel having another rookie driver as a teammate?
RB: If I needed more experience then maybe it would be a problem, but right now I have 19 years’ experience in Formula One, so it is nice to have someone that will push me in terms of speed. I think from everything we have seen he is good enough to do that.

Q: This time last year Williams was focusing on a new partnership with Cosworth. Now the partnership is established, do you think the team has been able to concentrate more on the car?
RB: Since I joined the team last year, the structure has definitely improved. They seem to have done a great job this year; the car is beautiful and the rear is fantastic.

Q: How much has the team evolved around you since you joined?
RB: Williams has been listening to me all the way and I am having a good time with them. Now we just have to prove that this is a good car; good enough to bring us all we should have.

F1 – The Williams FW33


In a recent interview, Rubens Barrichello described this year’s Williams-Cosworth FW33 as “aggressive”. It’s a sentiment shared by technical director Sam Michael, who talks today about the team’s 2011 FIA Formula One World Championship entry, the Williams Cosworth FW33, as it makes its track debut in Valencia this morning.

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F1 – Q and A with Adam Parr, Chairman Williams F1


Q. It sounds like Williams is considering a flotation on the stock exchange. Would that be correct?
Yes, it would be correct to say that Williams F1 is considering a flotation on the stock exchange. At this stage, all we have concluded is that it is the best way to secure the future of the team and its 450 employees.

Q. What is the timetable?
As the plan develops we will provide further information.

Q. Is retirement a current consideration for Frank?
No. Retirement is categorically not on Frank’s agenda. Anyone who knows Frank knows this.

Q. Are there any concerns surrounding Frank’s health?
No. Frank’s health is absolutely fine.

Q. What other options have the Board investigated?
We have had many approaches in the past, but none have offered the same benefits as this route.

Q. Toto Wolff invested in the team in November 2009. What is his future role?
Toto is a non-executive director and a significant shareholder in the company. He has already established himself as an important part of the team and he will play a central role in its future.

Q. If Williams were to go public, what are the implications for the team’s partners and relations with the FIA and FOM?
The team has always enjoyed honest and open relationships with its partners, the governing body of the sport and the commercial rights-holder. Whether we are a public or private company, this will not change.

Q. Would any flotation involve raising funds for the company?

Q. Does Williams F1 have the financial track record to support a flotation?
Yes, we believe we do. The company has always been run on sound financial principles. In spite of the economic environment in recent years, we have turned a profit and generated positive cash-flow from operating activities in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and we have a fully contracted budget for 2011.

F1 – A statement from Frank Williams

“For some years I have been considering how to secure the long-term ownership of Williams such that it will remain true to the aims with which Patrick and I established the team back in 1977.

“My goal then was to race in Formula One as an independent Constructor. This was and is my great passion and I will race for as long as I continue to be blessed with good health. It is also my desire that the team is in good shape to go on racing long after I am gone. To that end, it is prudent and necessary to plan for an ownership structure that will enable Williams to be an independent Constructor, owned and staffed by people committed to Formula One and to the sound business practices which have supported us over three decades.

“I have concluded that the option which will best achieve this is to broaden our shareholder base with public shareholders, while having a stable core of long-term investors closely involved in the running of the team. This will ensure stability, good governance and will, I believe, enable us to attract and retain the best people and partners.

“Patrick, Toto and I are therefore examining this option closely and, if the environment is propitious, we may act in the near future. Regardless of whatever steps we take, I shall remain the majority and controlling shareholder and the Team Principal of AT&T Williams.”